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Vane Type Return

Actuator (VDA / VSR) 

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Simple Design

Low maintenance, best dollar to torque output ratios available.


Single Moving Vane with a Fixed Seal

Simple and reliable design means less maintenance no hysteresis and extremely long life.


Patented Tri-Seal Design

Tri-Seal seals the output shaft, body halves and vane with a single molded polyurethane component. Reduce costs and lead time.


Pressure Assisted Seals

Sealing is inherently self compensating for wear because the air pressure creates the seal.


No Load Full Stroke Operation with Less Than 3 PSI Air Supply

Low friction means that almost all the plant air to the actuator is being utilized to operate the valve instead of overcoming the friction in the actuator. Puretorq vane type actuator is excellent for modulating applications.


Dual Output Female Drives Together with Dual ISO Mounting Pad

For easy option the necessary ISO 5211 mounting pad and female drive according to ISO5211/DIN3337. It also allows one actuator to drive 2 valves.


Dual VDI/VDE 3845 Mounting Pad

Allows for direct mount of positioner or limit switch with mounting compatibility to a broad range of auxiliary products.


External Spring Return Unit

1. Sealed, non-breathing housing protects spring in corrosive environments.
2. Easy adjustable spring force allows for different spring force setting.
3. Integral NAMUR VDI/VDE3845 top works dimensions for limit switches and positioner.


Adjustable End Stops

90°±4°of travel adjustment at the end of stroke for accurate seating of the valve trim in the open and closed position.


Thrust Bearing Support of the Vane

Eliminates possible damage due to end loading. Vane is supported independently of the seals allowing the use of a more flexible seal. Reduce internal friction dramatically.


Direct NAMUR Mount Pad for Solenoid

Provides compatibility with a broad range of solenoid suppliers, plus the option of direct piping.

Features and Benefits

Vane Type Actuator (VDA & VSR)

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