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5/2 configuration for double-acting actuators.Deenergized state, with supply to port 1, flow is directed to port 4 and port 2 is vented to atmosphere via port 3.

3/2 configuration for spring return actuators. Deenergized state, supply port 1 is blocked and port 2 exhaust is fed back to port 4 with excess vented to atmosphere via port 3.


ATEX Ex certified components approved for hazardous locations:





Corrosion resistant construction with standard manual override 


Direct mounting conforms to Namur VDI / VDE 3845 standard.



5/2 and 3/2 function selectable via 180° rotation of single adapter plate.



Exhaust feedback - provides spring chamber with instrument air preventing corrosion.



Wide operating temperature range -4°F to +122°F [-20°C to +50°C]. Optional Low Temp to -40°F [-40°C]



Also available: Intrinsically Safe and CSA/FM Explosion proof.


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